Valeo Interbody Fusion Devices

Interbody fusion devices assist in the process of spinal fusion. To achieve fusion, a surgical procedure is performed using an implant to facilitate the growth of bone between two or more vertebrae. AMEDICA's line of Silicon Nitride Interbody Fusion Devices are designed to participate in the fusion process, optimizing patient outcomes.
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Preference 2 Pedicle Screw System

AMEDICA's Pedicle Screw Systems are designed to benefit both the patient and surgeon.
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Facet Fixation

Utilizing specialized bolts or screws through the facet joints of two or more vertebrae, facet fixation locks the vertebrae together and stabilizes the spine. AMEDICA's Facet Fixation Systems use a smaller incision than traditional Interbody Fusion procedures, resulting in minimal tissue damage, less blood loss and improved patient recovery time.
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